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Dầu gia công tia lửa điện GE ELCD-250

> Dầu gia công tia lửa điện GE ELCD-250

Dầu gia công tia lửa điện GE ELCD-250

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Product Description

Oil korea Oil korea 1


(EDM oil)


1. Summary

ELCD-250 is an electrical discharge machining method using electrode wear by thermal effect of spark discharge based on highly refined and insulative hydrocarbon.

If the construct is conductive, high precision processing can be easily done using soft processing electrodes such as copper, graphite, etc, regardless of whether they have great hardness, difficult-to-process materials or difficult-to process shapes. The method has become widely popular centering on mold machining fields such as automotive and consumer electronics and, recently, its application has been extended to grinding and cutting, etc.

The main agent is the thermal effect generated from the discharge phenomenon with structure and electrode as its two poles. The processing is done through scattering removal of melting point portion by the shocking pressure resulting from the evaporation and melting point phenomenon of materials (structure and electrode) and incidental rapid evaporation of working oil.

It is also added with good antioxidant resulting in less deterioration during use and high stability.

Its discharge efficiency is maximized, with high insulation and rapid recovery of insulation after discharging.

The product is capable of quality and productivity improvement as well as cost reduction.


2. Features

1) Composed of highly refined hydrocarbon base, it provides superior insulation.

Composed of highly refined and insulative hydrocarbon base, it provides superior insulation as well as

maximized discharging efficiency showing rapid recovery of insulation after discharging.

2) Even after long-term use, it shows little performance degradation due to inclusion of metallic ion.

The spark temperature during discharge is around 5,000℃, which generates instantaneous metallic ion

as well as hydrogen gas through the decomposition of EDM (electrical discharge machining) oil.

The generated metallic ion and hydrogen gas becomes the cause of decreased insulation of the

machining fluids, which, in turn, causes reduction of discharging efficiency as well as oil‘s service life,

mandating proper removal of the generated ion.

Designed to effectively absorb and remove various ions generated during machining, it enables efficient

use for a long time without performance degradation.

3) Its low viscosity enables good detergency and prompt removal and disposal of machining products.

If the machining product generated during electrical discharge machining is not removed quickly, it could

generate arc, resulting in the welding of electrode to material and causing poor grinding and damage to


4) Its rust preventive ability is excellent.

Having used high-performance rust prevention additive, it achieves excellent rust prevention ability

advantageous to the protection of facility.

5) Good oxidation stability leads to less degradation and corruption, extending its service life.

The high temperature generated during electrical discharge machining asserts fatal influence on

machining oil‘s oxidation stability.

Because the oxidation of machining oil causes its performance degradation as well as reduction of oil‘s

service life, the EDM should have excellent thermal and oxidation stability.

As ELCD-250 has excellent thermal and oxidation stability, with the addition of proper antioxidant, it can

be used freshly for a long time.

It reduces the deterioration of the product in use and enables long-term usage by using superior ntioxidant.

6) Its high flash point ensures its safety from fire.

As EDM‘s main ingredients are combustible hydrocarbon solvent for its insulation characteristics, danger

of fire always exists.

ELCD-250 is designed to have high flash point to minimize danger of fire so that it can be safely used.

7) It uses high class base oil with high viscosity index.

Using the base oil with high viscosity index results in little change in its viscosity despite temperature

shift and prevents damage to the oil film due to high temperature, extending the service life of the

product in use.

8) It shows high stability for the working environment and worker‘s body.

It has neither color nor odor and is composed of materials harmless to human body so that work can be

done in safe and pleasant environment.

It uses highly refined base oil with high flash point, reducing danger of fire and odor and making it

excellent for working environment.


3. Typical properties

      Item Specifications
Appearance colorless
Specific gravity(15/4°C) 0.81
Kinematics viscosity (40℃, cSt) 2.3
Flash point (℃) 110

※ The description of the product is the data measured with our company‘s testing method.



4. Recommended concentration for use

1) EDM oil for general use

2) Use for precision parts


5. Usage.

1) Use the undiluted solution as it is.

2) When transfusing product for the first time.

① Completely remove the oil currently being used from the tank.

② Clean the inside of tank so that no contaminated product and contaminants like tramp oil, chip, etc. remains.

③ Neatly clean the inside and surroundings of equipment as well as inside the plumbing so that no residue of

used oil, tramp oil, chip, etc. remain.

④ Put a little amount of product to be applied to execute overall cleaning.

⑤ If sensitive to the skin, please apply skin protection cream before commencing work.


6. How to manage the currently used oil.

1) Please prevent the mixing of moisture.

2) If the oil temperature is too high, please stop the working until it cools down.

3) The chip and tramp oil being mixed should be regularly removed.

4) Please be careful not to use it together with other product, as it could cause trouble.

In case it happens, Please be sure to check with the product supplier to see if it‘s OK before using it.

5) Depending on the necessity, the sludge had better be left as it is for a day before removal.

6) Dust collecting system is needed to prevent mist and smoke.

7) In case materials, processing method or tools are changed, please be sure to discuss with product

supplier before using them.

8) If problem occurs while using the product, please be sure to discuss with product supplier.

9) The used oil must be regularly analyzed.

10) If insoluble product is used throughout all the processes, the product should be removed as much as possible.


7. Instructions.

1) Harmfulness.

① Swallowing it into the respiratory tract could be harmful.

② Inhaling it could be harmful.

③ It could irritate the respiratory organs.

④ It could irritate the skin in contact.

⑤ It could have long-term harmful effect on aquatic organisms.

⑥ If unusual symptoms show up in your body, immediately get doctor’s help.

2) When handling it.

① Please be sure to read through the instruction manual before using it.

② When using the product, never try eating, drinking or inhaling it.

③ When handling the product, please use protective gears such as rubber gloves, etc.

⑤ Heating it up directly could start a fire.

⑥ Please do not mix it with combustibles.

⑦ Keep it away from inflammables at all times and beware of fire.

3) After Handling it.

① When going to the bathroom, having a meal or leaving work, please wash your hands thoroughly.

② The clothes worn during working should be laundered separately from other clothes.


8. Storage method.

1) After use, please seal it and then store it in dry place.

2) Please store it in the indoor place without any heat source or direct sunlight.

3) To prevent moisture from getting mixed, it should be stored by being laid on the side.


9. Discarding.

The vessel and the content should be discarded according to the details specified in the relevant regulations.


10. Validity.

Within one year from the manufactured date.


11. Packing unit.

200 liter.

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